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The representatives of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine took part in the conference on financial monitoring

On October 9, 2018 the Representatives of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine took part in the conference on financial monitoring, which was held with the support of the Forum of leading international financial institutions and the National Bank of Ukraine.
The main purpose of the conference was focused on the sharing of experience and best practices regarding financial monitoring in the banking sector, as well as the establishing of an effective strategic dialogue for further development of the financial sector of Ukraine.
During the conference, 4 sessions were conducted in which international and domestic experts, in particular representatives of the National Bank of Ukraine, the International Monetary Fund, the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine, the banking community presented materials related to the current situation and prospects of the financial monitoring system in Ukraine, as well as practical aspects of the implementation of progressive instruments in activities of banking institutions on the construction of an AML system.
Participants of the conference were involved in the discussion, in particular, on questions such as: the transformation of the compliance function, the peculiarities of the creation and implementation of a culture of counteraction to money laundering, the identification of legal entities (other legal arrangements) - non-residents and scenario analysis of their financial transactions, criteria for detecting "shell companies", the procedure for implementation a mechanism for automating of risk - based approach, etc.
For reference: The Forum of Leading International Financial Institutions was created in May 2010. At present, the Forum comprises 17 banks with foreign capital.
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