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Typological studies of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine attract an attention to corruption risks of financial transactions of politically exposed persons

The State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine has compiled its 2016, 2015, 2014 typological studies, which highlight the results of the work of the FIU of Ukraine and other involved state agencies on exposure of modern schemes and methods used for the legalization (laundering) of the proceeds from crime and financing of terrorism.
The Head of the SFMS Igor Cherkaskyi when commenting upon presented compilation paid his attention to the fact that over the last three years that have passed after tragic events of the Revolution of Dignity significant transformations occurred in the country. In these conditions the SFMS has concentrated its efforts on detection actual threats to financial security of Ukraine, has submitted 2051 case referrals and additional case referrals to law enforcement authorities and intelligence authorities, has conducted identification and compilation of typical schemes of money laundering and financing of terrorism (separatism).   
The compilation gathered typological studies of the SFMS concerning:
-      money laundering from corruption (2016 typology);
-      current instruments, methods and mechanisms of illegal funds allocation and laundering (2015 typology);
-      current techniques, methods and financial instruments of terrorism and separatism financing (2014 typology). 
The compilation of typological studies prepared by the SFMS will be useful to practitioners of public and private sector as well as to the public dealing with protection of the financial system from criminal encroachments.
The compilation is available on the official website of the SFMS in section «Typologies»/«Recommendation for Detection of Money Laundering Schemes»/
«Typological studies of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine for 2016, 2015, 2014».

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