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Cooperation with international organizations

One of the important constituent of the SFMS of Ukraine activity is establishment of constructive cooperation with international institutions and foreign counterparts responsible for organization of effective counteraction to money laundering and terrorist financing.

During reporting period the SFMS of Ukraine actively cooperated with leading international organizations and institutions in AML/CTF area, such as Financial Action Task Force (FATF), MONEYVAL, EAG, Council of Europe and European Commission, UNODC, Egmont Group, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.

During 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine hosted 3 high level expert missions:

-          FATF expert mission;

-          The UN Security Council experts mission;

-          European Union mission in framework of visa liberalization for Ukraine.

During 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine organized and held 8 international meetings with assistance of IMF, World Bank, UNO, OECD, U.S. Department of Justice and the Basel Institute on Governance, also organized study visits for the representatives of FIU of Tanzania and FIU of Kazakhstan to the SFMS of Ukraine.

The SFMS of Ukraine as specially authorized agency of executive power on financial monitoring concludes interagency international agreements (Memoranda of Understanding) with foreign FIUs. As of 01.01.2012 the SFMS of Ukraine concluded 55 Memoranda of Understanding.


Cooperation with FATF


In 2011 the representatives the SFMS of Ukraine actively participated in FATF meetings.

Ukrainian delegation participated in Plenary meetings, ICRG meetings and EERG meetings, where representatives of the SFMS of Ukraine presented new information concerning the AML/CFT progress of Ukraine.

In 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine made arrangements on implementation of Action Plan agreed with FATF in order to remove strategic deficiencies of the AML/CFT system. Thus, the SFMS of Ukraine sent to Financial Action Task Force Group on Money Laundering (FATF) AML/CFT Progress Reports of Ukraine and informed regarding adoption of new Laws, as well as normative-legal acts aimed at its execution.

On the FATF Plenary meeting on 20-24 June 2011 FATF members admitted Ukraines progress on improving of the AML/CFT system by adopting legislation acts that finally solve an issue on criminalization of money laundering and terrorist financing, and also the freeze of terrorists assets according to the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1373.

During the FATF Plenary meeting was decided to forward FATF expert mission to Ukraine for confirmation of the implementation of all required reforms in order to remove all defined deficiencies.

5-6 September 2011 Ukraine hosted FATF expert mission in order to estimate the results of implementation of the Action Plan.

As a result of mission experts approved a report which stated the following: "Ukraine has implemented the Action Plan, a team of experts can confirm that the process of implementing the necessary reforms and actions began and continues."

Participants of the FATF International Co-operation Review Group (ICRG) had discussed the results of FATF visit to Ukraine that held in September 2011, and implementation of all articles of the Action Plan by Ukraine and also determined it necessary to continue the implementation of reforms in the area AML/CFT.

Participants of ICRG and FATF Plenary meeting 24-28 October 2011, unanimously confirmed that Ukraine has fulfilled its obligations, and decided to stop monitoring Ukraine and to exclude it from the list of countries that have strategic deficiencies in combating money laundering and terrorist financing system.


Cooperation with Egmont group

The SFMS of Ukraine representatives continuously participate in Working Groups meetings, Egmont Committee meetings, Egmont Plenary meetings and Egmont Group study visits.

Moreover, the representative of the SFMS of Ukraine represents Ukraine and European countries in the Egmont Group Committee (the governing body of this organization). Also, the SFMS of Ukraine representative takes part in the activities of the Project Group concerning the revision of the Statute of the Egmont Group of Financial Intelligence Units.


Cooperation with the Council of Europe/European Commission

On a regular basis the SFMS of Ukraine continues close cooperation with the MONEYVAL Committee. In 2011 delegation of the SFMS of Ukraine took part in 3 MONEYVAL Plenary Meetings. During the Plenary meetings Ukraine presented new legislation, adopted on implementation of the agreed with FATF Action Plan and new information concerning the progress on the ratings of "not compliant" and "partly compliant" set out in the third round of MONEYVAL mutual evaluation.

Close cooperation of the SFMS of Ukraine and MONEYVAL was presented by project on typologies research Trade based on money laundering in economies with big turnover of cash on the 10-th MONEYVAL expert meeting on typologies on anti-money laundering measures and the financing of terrorism.

Participation of Ukrainian representatives in MONEYVAL international events is important in view of knowledge extending and sharing of experience in this direction as well as for representation of Ukraine as the state carrying out active steps to bring its legislation closer to international standards in AML/CFT area.


Cooperation with Eurasian group

According to the Decree of the President of Ukraine on September, 30, 2004 1156/2004 the SCFM was determined as an agency responsible for cooperation with Eurasian Group (EAG). The SFMS of Ukraine representatives continuously participate in sessions of all Working Groups and EAG events.

The confirmation of active participation of the SFMS of Ukraine in Eurasian group is involvement of Ukraine in EAG joint research, including the typological study "Vulnerabilities of transactions with intangible assets (intellectual property), allowing their use for money laundering and terrorist financing", joint training activities and participation of representatives of the SFMS of Ukraine in the Mutual Evaluation of EAG member countries (Turkmenistan) and in the work of EAG (representative of the SFMS of Ukraine appointed co-chaired of the Working Group on typologies).


Cooperation with IMF

An interaction with the International Monetary Fund is continuing as part of technical assistance "Combating Money Laundering - Ukraine - Module 5: Structure and Instruments" for the state agencies that regulate and supervise the activities of entities that are non-bank institutions.

In 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine actively participated in the events organized with assistance of International Monetary Fund, particularly there were organized two seminars for non-banking institutions and relevant state regulators and law enforcement authorities.

As a result of visiting IMF mission there was prepared Report for technical assistance in combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

Also together with the IMF there was held a round table with representatives of specially designated state financial monitoring entities, and were organized other meetings which helped to start the work on raising awareness regarding the introduction of new legislation on counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorism financing.

Cooperation with OSCE

In 2011, cooperation with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) was enhanced. In particular, joint regional seminar on seizing and recovering the illegal proceeds of drugs and crime, and regional roundtable on strengthening cooperation between FIUs, financial control services and law enforcement agencies in combating money laundering of illegal profits through the use of new payment methods were organized. In addition, representatives of the SFMS of Ukraine take part as experts in OSCE activities.


Cooperation with OECD

With the assistance of the SFMS of Ukraine the OECD organized joint seminar Investigation and prosecution of corruption, financial investigations and links with money laundering in order to assist exchange practical experience and leading practice between the representatives of law enforcements, prosecutor authorities and FIUs of East Europe, which are in charge of investigation and prosecution of corruption and money laundering.


Technical assistance for foreign FIUs

During 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine representatives provided technical assistance to foreign counterparts to develop and improve national AML/CTF systems in the framework of Egmont Group and EAG.

Moreover, the SFMS of Ukraine organized study visits for representatives of Tansania and Kazakhstan FIUs.

The SFMS of Ukraine was sponsoring and assisting Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan FIUs regarding their joining to Egmont group. As the result of this cooperation, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan FIUs had joined the Egmont Group in 2011.

As sponsor of the mentioned FIUs the SCFM of Ukraine continuously provides consulting assistance regarding their settling and development.


Information exchange with foreign FIUs

The SCFM of Ukraine receives from foreign counterparts financial information, which may be related to illegal activity. This affords to investigate complex transnational schemes more efficiently and in larger scale.

In 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine closely cooperated with 111 FIUs of other countries in the AML/CFT area.

In 2011 the SFMS of Ukraine sent 467 requests to 58 foreign FIUs and received 430 responses on mentioned requests from 52 foreign FIUs.

The most active information exchange was held with FIUs of Latvia 84 requests, Cyprus 41 requests, Great Britain 40 requests, Russian Federation 30 requests, Lithuania 30 requests, USA 27 request, British Virgin Islands 27 requests.

At the same time the SFMS of Ukraine received 187 requests from 48 FIUs. The SFMS of Ukraine responded on 189 requests to 48 foreign FIUs.

In 2011 thought the Egmont Secure Web (ESW) the SFMS of Ukraine had send 462 requests and received 176 requests from foreign FIUs.


List of persons related to terrorist activity or persons to whom international sanctions were applied
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